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I Want Moore Bakery (Wholesale Menu)


(P) Banana Chocolate Chip

(P) Morning Glory

(P) Apple Crumb

(P) Blueberry

(P) Healthy Oat

(P) Maple Oat (Seasonal)

(P) Pumpkin Crumb (Seasonal)


(P) Chocolate Chip

(P) Maple Pecan(Seasonal)

(P) Pumpkin Cranberry (Seasonal)

Cinnamon buns:

(P) Plain or with Raisins


(P) Potato

(P) Pizza


(P) Raspberry

(P) Blueberry

(P) Cherry

(P) Apple

(D) Cinnamon Cheese


(P) Chocolate chip

(P) Double Chocolate Chip

(P) Oatmeal Raisin

(P) Rainbow Sprinkle

(P) Peanut Butter

(P) Rugelach (raspberry or chocolate)

(P) Hamantaschen (raspberry, lemon, apricot, prune or poppy butter)

(P) Linzer (Nut free)

(P) Half Dipped Biscotti (Chocolate Chip or Almond)

(P) Decadent Triple Chocolate Pistachio Cherry

(P) Snickerdoodle (Seasonal)

(P) Palmiers (Cinnamon or Raspberry)


(P) Apple

(P) Sweet Cherry

(P) Sweet Potato (Seasonal)

(D) Blueberry Cheese

(D) Sweet Cherry Cheese

I Want Moore Bakery (Wholesale Menu)


(P) Plain

(P) Chocolate

(P) Almond


(P) Brownie Squares

(P) Berry Squares

(D) Pumpkin Chocolate Squares

Cake Pops:

(P) Vanilla

(P) Chocolate

(D) Red Velvet


(P) Vanilla

(P) Chocolate

(P) Chocolate Chip

(P) Carrot

Cake Slices:

(P) Vanilla

(P) Chocolate

(P) Chocolate Chip

(P) Pumpkin Chocolate Chip

(D) Red Velvet


(P) Apple Crumb

(P) Passion Fruit Meringue

(P) Chocolate Mousse

(P) Cherry Almond


(P) Braided Challah (Sliced or Unsliced) (Plain, Whole wheat or Everything)

(P) Challah Pullman (Sliced or Unsliced)

(P) Whole Wheat Pullman (Sliced or Unsliced)

(P) Sour Dough Pullman (Sliced or Unsliced)

(P) Brioche Burger Buns

(P) Dinner rolls (Plain , Raisin or Wheat)

(P) Rye or Marble Rye (Sliced or Unsliced)

I Want Moore Bakery (Wholesale Menu)

Whole Cakes: (72 Hour Notice):

(P) Vanilla/Bean/Funfetti/
Lemon/Carrot/Poundcake(8 inch)

(P) Chocolate Fudge (8 inch)

(P) Cheesecakes (8 inch)

(P) Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse (8 inch)

(P) Jewish Apple (7 inch)

(P) Chocolate Babka (7 inch)

(D) Coffee Cake (7 inch)

(P) Honey Cake (Seasonal) (7 inch)

* Custom Cakes Please Call or Email us.

Pizza Dough Balls:

(P) Plain Dough

(P) Whole Wheat Dough


(P) Jelly, Lemon & Vanilla Custard


(P) Apple Crumb

(P) Pumpkin

(P) Sweet Potato

(D) Apple Caramel


(P) Plain

(P) Sesame

(P) Poppy

(P) Onion


(P)Cinnamon Raisin

(P) Whole Wheat/Whole Wheat Everythingor Whole Wheat Multi Grain

Granola & Nuts:

(P) Plain Granola

(P) Chocolate Chip Cherry Granola

(P) Roasted Honey Peanuts

(P) Roasted Honey Mixed Nuts

* (P) Pareve (Non-Dairy) OR (D) Dairy. Some Items can be modified.

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